Here at Stoked School of Surf we love surfing and sharing the surf lifestyle, with as many people as possible; and nothing makes us happier than when our surf students and friends are captivated by the stoke!

As we all know, the stoke is a very addictive feeling and over the years a few of our friends couldn’t resist the urge but to share their new found passion for surfing and the fun they had whilst learning to surf with us in Cape Town.

We have selected a few of our favourite blogs and fantastic videos made by our awesome surf students to share with you:

Written by Tarah Darge on behalf of the prestigious Cape Grace Hotel – Surfed April 2017

Joined a group ‘Experience the Stoke’ surf lesson and quickly had a friend convinced to join her in the stoke.

Epic Drone footage in collaboration with and showing off the beautiful Muizenberg waves during our first 2-Day ‘Stoked like a Local’ Surf Camp hosted in November 2017.

Written by Jacques Du Plessis of Icarus Paragliding – Surfer December 2012

Adventure tourism providers unite as we host Jacque and his team on their first ‘Experience the Stoke’ surf lesson and we try our luck at soaring through the Cape Town skies with the amazing team at:

Written by Will Tang – Surfed November 2017

Full time Travel Blogger Will Tang and his friend joined us on an epic morning ‘Experience the Stoke’ Surf Lesson in his search for awesome adventures around the world. Since then we have also featured in 2 of his amazing videos about his time in Cape Town:

  1. Top 12 things to do in Cape Town:

  1. Why I love South Africa

Written by Anja Knorr – Surfed November 2014

Anna, writer for the wonderful German travel blog: joined us for a surf lesson, was immediately captivated by the stoke and upgraded to our old 2-Day ‘Weekend Stoke’ Surf Camp

Written by Hanna Asmussen– Surfed September 2016

As members of this beautiful surfer travel blog, Hanna and her friend joined us on an epic few days of surfing during their stay in Cape Town. They joined us over an amazing 4 days of sun and surf with 2 days of pre camp accommodation, gear rental and transport, leading into our wonderful 2-Day Surf camp. Safe to say that the stoke was definitely provided!

Filmed by South African Tourism UK in October 2017 – featured on South Africa’s Official Tourism Site.

This fantastic mini-web-show tries to capture the true essence of South Africa as Maya, Alice and Saunders roadtrip across South Africa, capturing the truly wonderful African culture, natural beauty and of course stoke filled adventures, such as learning to surf in majestic Muizenberg during our Experience the Stoke surf lessons.

Filmed by Youtuber Cody Jensen – Surfed May 2018

Creative entrepreneur, Cody Jensen and his friend joined us for an early winter Experience the Stoke surf lesson as part of their The Most Beautiful Day video for his truly fun youtube channel. This video captures the beauty of the South African landscape and the fantastic winter waves in Cape Town.


Each of these blogs, videos or honourable mentions, hold very special memories for us and our students who became friends whilst learning to surf.

We hope that our amazing friends, will inspire others to try surfing and to spread the shear joy and fulfilment that is the stoke.