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Stoked Surf offers premium surf lessons, kids holiday surf camps, surf trips, stand-up paddleboarding, surf guiding and private day/multi-day trips. All of our experiences can be tailored to meet your requirements. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our site, contact us and let us find the best arrangement that works for you.


we are mobile getting you to the best surf

Our headquarters are based in Camps Bay giving us easy access to both coastlines of the Cape Peninsula. We check the surf forecast on several reliable online surf forecasting websites and combine this information with our local knowledge to decide where we will operate each day. We consider factors such as wind, tides, swell direction and ocean temperature before making our decision to ensure we are providing you with the safest and most enjoyable salt water experience.

Surf lessons typically take place at either Muizenberg or Big Bay beach whilst stand-up paddleboarding tours take place along the Atlantic Seaboard. If you opt for convenience and ride with us in our surf van, we will collect you from one of our city pick up points. If you decide to drive yourself to the beach location, we will send details where to meet us.

Our private surf experience options including surf guiding, full day combo tours or multiday surf adventures include transport and will take place at the beach best suited to your skill level and prevailing conditions.


passionate about sharing the ‘stoke’ with you

STOKED – adjective- [stokht]- to be completely and intensely exhilirated. This is the feeling that lights the fire of passion for surfing and the ocean and this is the feeling we want to share with you. Not only are we all experienced, qualified surf coaches, but we are all completely STOKED on surfing.

Michelle – The Head Honcho

Wildly passionate about spreading the incredible feeling of ‘stoke’ which changed her lifestyle and sharing the unique South African beach culture with locals and foreigners alike, Michelle returned to South Africa to start Stoked Surf in 2009. She combines the knowledge gained from her Sports Science degree with her SSA surf coach accreditation and lifeguarding skills to offer professional, personalised surf coaching in a relaxed, fun environment. Michelle is also a tour guide, accredited to take clients on our unique adventurous day trips around the Peninsula.

In Michelle’s words: ‘ We are blessed to have the team and working vibe we have at Stoked Surf. Being a small, family owned business, we are particular with who we to work with us. Somehow we seem to attract coaches and guides with an infectious passion for the surfing lifestyle and humility regardless of their accolades.  I am proud to say that because of our team, we are able to offer a superior level of surf and salt water experiences that leave our clients with lasting memories.’


Henri is our head surf coach with an infectious smile and good, positive energy. Born with a great love for the ocean he started his surfing journey at the age of 10.

After catching his first waves he made it his mission to live close to the ocean so that he could immerse himself in the surfing and diving lifestyle. In his twenties, he moved to Mozambique where he managed the local surf shop and qualified as a dive instructor. His days were spent immersed in the big blue, exploring it’s depths and riding it’s waves.

Henri joined the Stoked family in 2017 and has a calm approach to his coaching style, making even the most fearful at ease. He believes that through surfing we can overcome our fear of the ocean and learn how to respect it whilst having so much fun!


David, our surf forecasting guru and skilled waterman, has been in some rather scary situations when surfing the bigger and more serious waves along South Africa’s rugged coastlines.

Born and raised in beautiful Camps Bay, David has over 40 years surfing experience and is a lifetime member of our local lifesaving club.  When he is not running his own affiliated tour company ( or guiding our more experienced clients around in search of good waves, you’ll find him chasing the big swells along the Cape Town coastline.

He has a vast knowledge of both our coastlines totaling 2700km in length. Being a qualified tourist guide, not only can he guide you to some of our world-class surf, but he is also a destination specialist able to put together incredible multi-day itineraries to South Africa.

Jack – Our local ‘shredder’

Since the age of 8, Jack has been riding waves and loved participating in any sport that involved water. Being so at ease in the ocean, it’s no surprise that the adrenaline of surfing bigger and more powerful waves is something he enjoys most. Being out in bigger surf keeps him on his toes and helps him understand the dangers and unpredictability of the ocean.

When the waves are ‘cooking’, you’ll find him shredding at one of his favourite local spots along the Atlantic Seaboard. He loves to travel, experience different environments, immerse himself in different surf cultures, meet happy people and surf new waves. Jack’s passion for surfing is why sharing the ‘stoke’ with others comes so naturally to him and we’re proud to have him as part of the Stoked family since 2018.