Because there currently is a very severe water crisis in Cape Town (which we wrote a blog about), you should minimalize the times you shower. Luckily, sea water has great benefits for hair and skin. So, you don’t only have fun in the water while surfing, but you can enjoy the benefits of the salt left on your body afterwards. Score!

To show that you don’t have to run into a shower every time you get out of the ocean, here are some great things the sea salt can do for you.

Soft and shiny skin
Sea salt is packed with healthy minerals, which has three major effects on the skin, which work together to leave your skin softer and shinier. The first thing is that the salt absorbs the toxins of the skin, such as acne-causing bacteria. That way, it treats infections and encourages the healing process. Secondly, the salt has moisture-reducing abilities, which help to regulate overproduction of oil that could lead to clogged pores. Finally, the minerals open pores for deep cleansing as well as encouraging the blood flow. Thanks to that, your skin can easier absorb skin treatments, such as moisturizer.

Mermaid hair, don’t care
Everyone is out there trying to get that beachy look using sea salt sprays and waxes and gels and what not. But let’s be honest, the only true way to get those mermaid waves is a dive into the ocean. The sea salt doesn’t just give you the perfect careless wave, it also helps lightening up your locks, leaving you looking like a true beach-babe or beach-boy.