Living in Cape Town one knows that experiencing all four seasons in one day is very likely due to the geography of the Cape Peninsula. When I left the Stoked Headquarters, the sun was shining between patches of light rain. Despite the dismal weather report, I headed off beachwards optimistically, switched on my iTrip where synchronicity had Pink Floyd promising ‘Blue skies ahead’. Driving down the highway to pick up students from Observatory, I noticed the horizon darkening to a deep shade of grey. As I rounded Devil’s Peak, a torrential down pour englufed my car. I knew that the wind and swell conditions for Muizenberg were good (infact the webcam image made it hard not to put pedal to the metal). Trying to convince first and second time surfers that they were still going to have a good time despite the weather seemed like it may now be a challenge, as my car carved up deep puddles of rain into sprays of water with impressive trajectory.

Steve and Magdelena hopped in the car drenched but smiling with excitement. It was then that I realised that my students trusted me enough to commit to the lesson despite the weather. This is when my ‘100% guaranteed stoked’ claim was going to be put to the test.  We continued on to the beach to meet the rest of the students-Johan, Claudia, Mandy and Louise. I had just spent the past twenty minutes convincing Steve and Magdelena that all our storms move in from the south so essentially we should be driving away from the rain as the storm cloud seemed northbound. Well, my theory proved incorrect (and clearly my high school geography needing some serious revision) as upon arrival, the heavens opened. Time for a plan B…quickly I arranged for us to use an indoor changing facility which also offers hot post-surf showers. As I handed out a wetsuit to each student I could sense they were looking at me with thoughts of ‘Is she serious? Are we really going to do this?’ Fortunately, after everyone had changed into their gear, the squall had moved on. Soon enough we had boards in hand and we were making our way down to the beach.

The surf conditions were great, eventhough the tide was higher than expected. Some were a little nervous with the bigger 2-3ft waves but seemed to become more comfortable as the lesson progressed. The rain spluttered on us a bit more between gusts of south westerly winds but this didn’t seem to stir the students at all. They appeared to be enjoying the challenge of the conditions and having fun regardless.  At Stoked School of Surf we encourage our students to hit the surf whether it rains, hails or shines. In this way fears are overcome, confidence is boosted and ocean knowledge increases. Besides, being a ‘fair-weather’ surfer will never get you beyond the foamies…

Behind every cloud is a silver lining, after every rain storm lies a rainbow and after every surf a cup of white hot chocolate awaits. Thank you Steve, Magdelena, Johan, Claudia, Louise and Mandy  for trusting Stoked’s judgement and hitting the surf to experience the ‘stoke’ despite the rain.

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