The Mother City has much more to offer than just beautiful landscapes, lekker people, and lively places to have a jol with friends. Cape Town has an abundance of popular beaches with perfect waves to get your surf stoke on. 

When you are visiting Cape Town, you’ll have endless options to surf at beaches like Muizenberg, Big Bay, and Long Beach to name a few. But going on Google and typing in “Cape Town surf spots” isn’t the only thing to focus on finding the perfect spot. Remember to consider things like checking the weather, swell size predictions, and wind direction. 

Why surf in Cape Town?

Whether you’re learning how to surf or you’re a seasoned surfer, Cape Town basically has a wave for everyone in and around the lively city. Not only are there stunning beaches, each one offers something unique for each and every surfer. So you are guaranteed to find your go-to spot in Cape Town. 

Although Cape Town’s water is on the colder side, it warms up significantly during December and January, but the best time to be in the water is wintertime when there are lekker waves to catch.


Why Surfing in the Winter is Best

  • Fewer people

  • Blue skies and windless days

  • Whale sightings


Housekeeping Rules When You’re New to Cape Town Beaches

Remember that although most Cape Town locals are fine with newbies joining in on the mother city surfing, there are a few housekeeping rules to ensure you don’t ruffle anyone’s feathers unnecessarily. Keep in mind the following:

  • Since locals can be very protective of their surf spots, if you’re a grommet (Young surfer. Sometimes shortened to “grom”. Can also refer to children in general, not just those who surf), don’t think you can paddle out to the line-up whenever you feel like it. Rather paddle out through the channel where waves aren’t breaking yet.

  • The surfer which is closest to the peak has the right of way.

  • Have respect for the beach, so don’t litter and make a mess. 

  • Make sure you keep your eye on shark flags (courtesy of Shark Spotters) and know what they mean when you’re in the water. Shark attacks have occurred in Cape Peninsula waters in the past. Safety is crucial. 


Top 6 Surfing Spots to Surf in Cape Town

1. Muizenberg

Experience level: Beginner

If you’re new at surfing or you’re new in town, Muizenberg is the beach to visit and it’s only a 30-minute drive from Cape Town city centre. Home to the well-known Surfer’s Corner with ‘smooth ride’ waves, this surf spot is one of the hotspots for all levels of surfers.

This laid-back surf spot may not have the biggest waves but once the swell is pumping, all surfers can join in on the fun any day of the year, hot or cold. Muizenberg is any longboarder’s surfing wonderland.

If you don’t have your own gear, there are local shops close to the beach or in the area where you can rent surfboards, wetsuits, and even book some surfing lessons

After catching a few waves on your own or your surf lesson, there are several coffee shops, restaurants, and bars available for you to relax and wind down post-surf.

2. Llandudno

Experience level: Intermediate + Advanced

Llandudno is not only known for its gorgeous sunsets but it’s one of the best surfing hot spots in Cape Town. Sitting around the corner from Camps Bay towards Hout Bay, Llandudno either has incredible waves or average ones, there’s no in-between.

This spot is picture-perfect with its azure water and white sandy beach with large boulders arising from all angles.

The best times to visit this spot is during spring and summer months when the storms haven’t ruined the sand. This surf spot is best for advanced surfers as it has unpredictable hollow barrels not ideal for beginners.

3. Bloubergstrand

Experience level: Intermediate

If you’re interested in having one of the best views of Table Mountain while surfing, Bloubergstrand is the spot to be. 

With a beach that stretches on and on, the beach is not just known for surfing. Kitesurfers travel from all corners of the world to catch the strong southern winds of Cape Town. 

As there is no shelter on the beach from the northeast winds, it’s better to make the best of the situation and surf to your heart’s content. With both wave breaks from the left and right, surfers will have the best of both worlds. As some waves break close to the shore, experienced surfers will fare better hear.


4. Big Bay

Experience level: All Levels

Big bay, situated between Melkbos and Bloubergstrand, is the perfect spot for surfers of all levels. About a 30-minute drive from Cape Town City Centre, Big Bay is best surfed when the wind is blowing from the east to south-east. 

This spot is well-known for its friendly locals and coffee shop across the beach for a post-surf chill session.

5. Dunes

Experience level: Advanced

About a 40-minute drive from Cape Town City Centre, Dunes is another popular surf hotspot close to Noordhoek. 

Before you get excited for your stoked surf moment, you’ll have to journey on a super long beach for around 30-minutes before reaching the water. But who said finding your perfect wave is easy? Luckily this also means the beach won’t be crowded.

Expect some major waves when there is a south-easterly wind present, so be sure to check the weather and wind forecast before your trip! 

This spot is definitely for more experienced surfers who can handle powerful waves with banks that favour rights and super hollow waves. 

Fun Fact: Dunes is a popular surf spot for the band, Goldfish. 


6. Long Beach, Kommetjie

Experience level: Intermediate + Experienced

With consistent swells, friendly locals, and a few covers on numerous travel magazines, Long Beach, Kommetjie is a great spot for advanced surfers to catch a wave or 12.

If you’re lucky (and you check the conditions beforehand), you can find near-perfect left and right wave breaks. The perfect place for natural (right-leg dominate) and goofy footers (left-leg dominate).

Long Beach is one of the few spots in Cape Town that can hold up well with the strong South-West winds. The spot is ideal for surfers, kneeboarders, stand up paddleboarders, longboarders, and even bodyboarders. 

Before you journey to Long Beach, be sure you are prepared with gear and other accessories as there aren’t many nearby rental facilities. You’ll also have to pack food or drive elsewhere if you want to relax at a restaurant post-surf. 


Want to Surf in Cape Town?

With various experienced surf coaches, Stoked School of Surf can provide any new surfer with the opportunity to learn to surf at Cape Town’s many surf hot spots. From private to group lessons, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding, we have it all. You can also choose to meet us at the beach or join a ride with other surfers. Get in touch to ‘Experience the Stoke’.