Christmas is coming up and it’s the stressful time to get all your loved one’s gifts together. Luckily, we’re here to make the process an easier one for you. You probably have a surfer in your family or even a close friend (almost family) and you have NO IDEA what would be a great gift for them. After all, they already have a surfboard and the ocean, what more do they need, right? WRONG.

There are numerous great small gifts to get that they probably don’t already have or need extra of! Stick around to get your inspiration to skyrocket, we’ll even let you know what NOT to get them.

What to Buy


1. Wax

Surfers can never have too much wax and most brands get the job done. If the wax is not festive enough for you, get wax with a great scent. Guaranteed they’ll think of you every time they use the wax.

If you can’t afford wax, there are some great clear surf grip stickers available on the market, like The New Pinline Deck Grip from

2. Surf Lessons

The December holidays are coming up and you’ll need something to do after all. Get some pals or even other family members keen on joining together and just have a blast learning to surf together. 

From groupprivate, and even Stand Up Paddle Boarding lessons, there’s something for any type of surfer. If you want to give the gift of surfing, why not consider a voucher for lessons?  

3. Surf Backpack

Since surfers have loads of gear they need to carry around with them, a surf backpack is a great gift. They can add in their wetsuit, sunglasses, towel, and more.

There’s an abundance of colours, sizes, and pricing available on the market.


4. Wetsuit & Other Essentials


A great, practical gift would be a wetsuit. These Cape Town waters can get pretty icy, and any surfer can benefit from a wetsuit, especially if they surf all year. 

Just remember to check their size beforehand.

Wetsuit Hanger

It’s always an issue when you’re done surfing for the day and you don’t know where to put your wetsuit. 

Wetsuit Dry Bag

Who wants to put their wet wetsuit in their car after a surf? Not us. A great gift would be a dry bag for storing a wetsuit that won’t allow it to make your seats or the boot of your car wet.

You can find a great dry bag from You just stand on the mat, take off your wetsuit and pull the strings close. 

5. Rinse Kit

Having a portable shower nearby after a surf session can be handy, especially if the water was colder and you need some hot water. There are various portable shower options on the market with the option of hot or cold water, and some can produce up to four minutes of shower time.

A great option would be the Outdoor Shower from


6. GoPro

Any surfer would love a GoPro or other camera to help them catch some great shots when they’re out on the water. 


7. Watch

What about a waterproof watch that can measure anything from your heart rate to a wave ride? A watch like that would guarantee a stoked surfer.


8. Waterproof Key Holder

A common issue for surfers? Where they should put their car keys. Get them a waterproof key holder, so they can hit the waves without worrying.


9. Ear Plugs

Ever heard of the term Surfer’s Ear? Although it sounds made up, it’s quite common among surfers. Wave riders can easily be affected by this problem, especially if they’re older than 30. 

Buy them some earplugs to help protect their ears from the water and annoying cold winds.


10. Roof Rack

Another great gift for any surfer is a roof rack to help transport surfboards on the roof of their car on their way to the beach. No need for a trailer.


11. Surfboard Leash

Keeping a surfer connected to his or her board is essential. In case of a wipeout, they’ll still be able to grab their board. 


12. Slackline

Another item that’s quite popular among surfers is a slackline. They can train their balance skills and friends and family can join in on the fun without needing a surfboard of their own.


13. Anti-Shark Wrist Band

Keep the surfer in your family safe with an anti-shark wrist band. This convenient and effective item helps keep sharks at bay when you’re in the water. 

The Sharkbanz from can be worn on your wrist or ankle and is swim/surf proof up to 100 metres.

What NOT to Buy

1. Surfboard

Although thoughtful, buying a surfboard for any surfer is not a smart idea. Picking a surfboard for a surfer is like picking someone for them to date. It’s probably not going to work out so well…

The person who is selecting their surfboard, are the ones who will be riding it. It sounds crazy but the surfboard can feel wrong and uncomfortable if they didn’t pick one for themselves. 

The only time this might be acceptable is when you know for a fact that the board you’re buying, is the board they want.


2. Zinc

People’s skin differ, so buying a surfer Zinc is another big no. Their skin might be combination, dry, oily, you just won’t 100% know. Leave the Zinc choices up to the surfer.


3. How to surf book

Chances are that they already had surfing lessons (ahem with us) or that they are self-taught. So unless it’s on the history of surfing or about all the surfing pros, buying them a book on surfing might not be the best idea.

Besides, no book can teach you YOUR unique surfing techniques in the water.


4. Bikini

For the girl suffer… buying a bikini isn’t very practical. Most of the time bikinis are uncomfortable and might even cause the surfer to have a mishap in the waves…

Wetsuits are practical and help beat the cold water.


Now that you’re informed on the dos and don’t’s of surfer gifts, you’re ready to buy your gifts for the surfer in your family. As for you? Why not also learn how to surf either on your own in a private lesson or with some friends in our group lessons? Get in touch to get your stoked experience learning how to catch a wave.