So you’ve done a few lessons or consider yourself an intermediate surfer and think you have the backline sussed. Now you find yourself in Cape Town without surf equipment and the waves are pumping…there are several options available to you. Find the description below which best suits your surfing ability (be honest with yourself and rather downplay your skill level!) and then choose the option that best suits you:

1. Beginner surfer: You have had a handful of lessons and have yet to understand how to handle a surfboard in waves, you still need an introduction to surf etiquette, rips and currents, how to ride a wave left and right etc. 

  • We DON”T recommend renting out equipment but rather that you take a surf lesson with a qualified instructor for you to get the most out of your experience. You could otherwise find yourself frustrated…or worse…injured. Book our ‘Experienced the Stoke’ surf lesson now and get tips from qualified coaches before venturing into the surf alone.

2. Intermediate surfer: You can paddle out on your own, ‘read’ the surf, attempt an angular take off and ride down the line. You have a good grasp of surf etiquette and an  understanding of rips and currents. 

    3. Advanced surfer: You surf 3-5 times a week. Your default page when you open your web browser is a surf forecasting website and your work productivity is directly proportional to the swell direction and offshore winds. Your surfboard is an extension of you but since you find yourself in Cape Town on a quick trip or were unwilling to pay the hefty board fees to bring boards on the plane-you have an idea but no gear.

        • We recommend you hire a car for the day and rent gear from Vudu Surf if you’re based in the city or Kommetjie Surf Shop if you’re down south, and cruise the Peninsula for a spot that faces the correct direction for the prevailing swell direction and winds that day.
        • OR you sign up for our surf guiding service and based on the kind of waves and board you regularly surf, we will guide you to the best spot on the day of your booking.

    Below is a list of places you can rent surf gear in Cape Town:


    Vudu Surf Shop offers rental options where you can drive around with the board for the day/multiple days. We only recommend this option for an advanced surfer who knows where to go and how to handle themselves in the Cape surf.


    There are a plethora of stores on the beachfront but our pick is Lifestyle Surf Shop. They have a range of boards and wetsuits and as a family owned and managed business, the store assistants have a great approachable vibe. Please note that when renting you will be restricted to their store hours and surfing only Muizenberg as gear may not leave the beachfront area and is rented on an hourly basis.

    Big Bay:

    There are many places to rent gear along the beachfront. We don’t have any particular place we could specifically recommend however, just get down there and take a look at the quality of gear on offer before making your decision on which store to rent from. Also just remember to take store hours into consideration when planning your surf time.


    Kommetjie Surf Shop is located down in the surf village of Kommetjie, 45 minutes away from the city area and on the way down to Cape Point. There are some good breaks in the area, but again only suitable for those who have an excellent level of surfing ability and a thorough understanding of surf etiquette. Don’t paddle out here if you’re still a beginner please.

    Camps Bay:

    If you’re staying in Camps Bay, are an advanced surfer and looking to rent equipment, we can offer board rentals delivered to your villa/hotel. Only call us if you have the experience described in the ‘advanced’ surfer section above. We do not rent to anyone without the skill level required to get themselves safely out at the city beaches (Camps Bay, Sea Point, Llandudno). These beaches ARE not friendly for beginner or intermediate surfers! Contact us should you match these criteria and we will bring the gear to you…