Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a great way to get active outdoors. For those that are a little hesitant to immerse themselves more than knee deep into the ocean but have the desire to try an ocean sport, SUP is a wonderful option, especially flatwater stand up paddling. Beginner SUP boards are very stable and relatively easy to stand up on and paddle.  With a little guidance, you can be up and riding with confidence in no time.

Cape Town offers several options for beginner stand up paddleboarding from paddling along city canals, to wave riding and then ofcourse flatwater paddling.  The latter is what we find the most fun simply as it’s a way to get a good workout and enjoy the scenery, without having to be concerned about the hazards of other SUPers/surfers in your way. It’s like a meditation as you paddle away simply enjoying the scenery above and below the surface.  In Cape Town every beach and bay has breathtaking mountain vistas and then ofcourse below the surface there are kelp forests, jellyfish, seals, dolphins and if you’re lucky enough you may even spot a whale. 

Our favourite place to stand up paddleboard in Cape Town is in Camps Bay as it offers the option to paddle around to the beaches of Clifton or Bakoven. If you know the waters well and conditions are favourable, your mind can drift away with the gentle ocean breeze as you soak in the panoramic view of the 12 Apostles, Lions Head and Table Mountain whilst the Atlantic waters lap over your feet and the sun warms your back. 

If an inner city paddle experience is more your kind of thing, then SUP Cape Town offers the option to get on the water close to the V & A Waterfront. You can rent a board and with a brief introductory talk you can attempt it yourself knowing that there are no rip currents or waves to worry about should you fall off your board. There is a short circuit route along a canal that runs alongside some fancy apartments with an area to enjoy a snack and drink afterwards. 

If you’ve tried flat water paddling and challenging yourself in ocean waves is next on your list, then Xpressions down at Muizenberg is the best place to go. The waves at Muizenberg are gentle breaking so probably the best place to learn to SUP on waves in Cape Town. The break can get very crowded so we do advise paddling out with a coach rather than renting a board and paddling out on your own if you’re a novice.

If you’re looking for an experience that leaves your body and soul rejuvenated whilst enjoying the scenery above and below the surface, a flat water paddle is probably the best option for you. When booking your SUP experience in Cape Town just be sure that wind and swell conditions are favourable and that your guide is familiar with the waters they will be navigating you through.  Alternatively, check out the SUP experience we offer and we will take away all those concerns so you can simply enjoy the paddle.