May is great time of year to surfari around South Africa, especially if you’re headed north. The land and sea temperatures get warmer as you venture further away from the Cape. The winter storms start to roll in fanning swell up the East Coast producing beautiful line ups.

We were fortunate to have 5 weeks on the road exploring our unspoilt country and coastline starting in Kruger dipping into  Mozambique and then snaking along the coast from Durban all the way back to our home, Cape Town. When the surf forecast looked unfavourable, we’d head inland to explore the snow capped highlands of the Drakensberg, the incredible wildlife of the Kruger and the craft beer breweries of the Midlands.

Below are a few images that capture the highlights of our 5 week South African Surfari:


Nothing quite like a savannah sunset sky…Sunset over the Kruger. 

Mozambican Point Break Ponta do Ouro Point Break.

Mozambican Point Break Ponta do Ouro Point Break.

4 x 4 adventure to the top of the Lesotho mountains. Snow capped Lesotho mountain. South Africa Surfari in Lesotho
The dreamy line up we woke up to for 8 consecutive days…Dreamy South Coast point break
The Autumn leaves of the Midlands Meander are as amber as its ales.
Sharing perfect warm water, glassy waves with good friends. South Africa Surfari.
Dolphins were the only surfers sharing waves with us on the Wild Coast.
The spectacular hike to Hole in the Wall.
Room with a view. Wild Coast Sunrise.
Wild Coast Gridlock.
David lines himself up for yet another reeling ride at SA’s most photographed wave…Supers. Super Tubes.
Stoked to have a paddle with my brother.
Cape Town welcomes us home with a warm winter sunset after an epic 5 week adventure.
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