It’s a New Year, and that can mean only one thing: It’s time for us to make (or break) our New Year’s resolutions. But instead of setting yourself resolutions that you can’t keep (like going to the gym), why not try something fun? This year, why not make surfing your New Year’s resolution. 

Human nature states that if you find something you love doing, it won’t be a chore. Force yourself you to do something you hate, and before long you’ll be making new and exciting reasons why you can’t do it. 

A great tip to keeping to your goals is to avoid generalisations. If you want to get healthy, don’t say “I want to be healthier”, rather commit to something that makes you healthier. 

Bad Goal: I want to get healthier and fitter

Good Goal: If I commit to surfing a few days a month, I will become fitter, and by default, I will become healthier. 

Did you know that besides being fun, there are a ton of mental and physical benefits of surfing?  Now ask yourself, would you rather be in a hot, sweaty, stinky gym, or out on the water? We know what we prefer! 


First Time Surfing

Of course, it’s easy to make excuses, such as, “I’ve never surfed before”, “I can’t afford to buy a board”, “I have no one to surf with”, and so on. Fortunately for you, there is no obstacle that you can’t overcome. 

Even professional surfers had to get onto a surfboard for the first time and fall off it to get better at surfing. Also, keep in mind, there is no age limit for learning something new. 

Get Rid of Excuses

You can easily rent a surfboard for as little as R350 —  and if you head to Muizenberg or join one of our classes, you will have people to surf with. You can even make a booking with friends so you can start a new hobby together!


Benefits of Surfing

Play Time

When was the last time you played? As children, we would run and play outside all the time. When our parents called us in for dinner, we would beg for 30 more minutes of playtime. 

Most adults seem to have lost this wonder and eagerness to play; this is reflected in our resolutions. We set goals to lose weight, stop smoking, eat healthier, and all that boring stuff. When was the last time you made a commitment to yourself to have fun?  

With surfing, you’ll be able to muck around in the water with friends and family, or even friendly strangers. And if you want to take a short break from the water, you can always play with a ball or frisbee on the beach. 


Mental Health

We always seem so busy nowadays. With our smartphones continually beeping and demanding our immediate attention, and work or studies that seem almost unending, few sports allow you the opportunity to disconnect fully. 

Surfing isn’t only great for physical health; it’s one of the best ways to clear your mind. So if you want to get into a better mental space, de-stress, or you just want to run away from the world for a few hours, almost nothing can compare with surfing.

Nothing can compare to the deep peace you get when sitting on your board waiting for a wave. 


Get high – In a Family-Friendly Way

It’s worth noting that as you surf your brain will release endorphins which have been proven to reduce depression and anxiety. So when you come out of the water, you will be more relaxed, less depressed, and ready to take on the world!

Doctors really should consider writing prescriptions for surfing, wouldn’t you agree?


Make it a Habit

For a resolution to stick, you need to make it into a habit. The best way to make surfing a habit is to take a few classes to boost your confidence, then commit to going down to the beach a few times a month. Here at Stoked School of Surf, we offer to pick you up for your lessons.

Even if the water is cold, head to the beach. There are numerous types of wetsuits with various thickness, length, etc. that you’ll definitely find your perfect fit. And if your skin is a bit more sensitive on the sensitive side, get a thicker wetsuit to keep you from freezing.

And if you’re thinking “What if it rains?”, what’s the worst that could happen… You’ll get wet? However, don’t go surfing during a thunderstorm…

If you chat to someone who has been surfing for a while, they’ll tell you that surfing gets into the blood. If they go too long without surfing, they get an almost physical craving to get back into the water. So, once you’ve been surfing a few times, surfing will be second nature. 


Are you ready to make surfing your New Year’s resolution? Get in touch and let us help you make that happen.