Seen this message popping up at restrooms around the city? Well this is to remind us of one of the many practical ways we can save water during the very serious water crisis Cape Town and its surrounding towns is dealing with. At Stoked School of Surf, we hope that everyone who stays in the Mother City teams up to save water like a local. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor to the city, we’re all in this together! So let’s get our rain dancing shoes on and get jiggy with it…or not…. 

The message that the City of Cape Town is sending out is that water usage PER PERSON must be reduced to 87 litres per day. 

Here are some quick tips to ‘save like a local’: 

  • The 2 MINUTE POWER SHOWER: rinse, turn off tap, lather, rinse off as quickly as possible 
  • Don’t leave the tap open while you are brushing your teeth, washing your hands or face etc 
  • Collect water while you shower and use this water to flush the toilet/mop floors if you’re staying at a self-catering apartment/villa 
  • When using tap water for cleaning vegetables/dishes etc think about what items are ‘cleanest’ and wash those first so the remaining water can be used for dirtier items 
  • And of course: ‘If it’s yellow let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down’. 

​Here are some tips by the city of Cape Town on how to use 87 litres:

Wonder how to do a 2-minute shower? Virgin active shows how to power-shower: